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Here are just a few of the expert services we offer here at the Salmon River Armory. We have a full machine shop and manufacture many of the components we use for builds and upgrades.



We will build a fully custom, purpose built firearm from customer provided or specified components or from tried and true parts that we specify based on the customers explicit end use purpose and performance expectations.


We have the capabilities to accurately inlet your stock for larger barrel profiles, detachable magazine bottom metal, QD cups or inletted flush mount MLock rails, etc.

We work with all current production stock materials, carbon fiber, fiber glass fill, polymer, wood, etc., however, we suggest calling for a consultation prior to sending us your stock.


Upgrade your existing rifle with one of our excellent two-port muzzle brakes or any of the current (compatible) muzzle devises on the market. 

We expertly single point thread your barrel, maintaining alignment tolerance of .0002"with the bore axis. This ensures minimal point of impact changes and proper alignment for suppressors. 

Muzzle brakes are then accurately timed, blended to barrel profile and polished, bead blasted or cerakoted (per customer specifications).



Replace that tired barrel on your trusty hunting or target rifle and re-new it's original performance and in most cases, we will achieve much better accuracy than factory. We work with numerous barrel manufactures. If we also accurize the action, float the barrel and bed that stock, sub-MOA accuracy is guaranteed.

Our action accurizing procedure consists of truing up the action face, bolt lugs & bolt face and then lapping the lugs to achieve a minimum 80% of mating surface engagement.



We have many years experience tuning and customizing 1911's, S&W and Ruger Revolvers and Glock pistols. We hold a factory certification from Glock.

From simple trigger jobs to full custom, purpose built creations....we do it all.



We do a lot of cerakoting as most of our custom builds are cerakoted. We maintain an inventory of popular colors but can get any color within a few days at a slightly higher price than selecting one of our stock colors. We currently recommend the "Elite" series of this product as it provides a more durable and uniform coating but we also maintain a wide verity of the original "H" series colors.

We have developed a very rigorous and meticulous process for preparing the firearms and applying this awesome product.  

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